A Picture is Worth a 1000 Words

I was at the gym today.  On the treadmill, running.  Looking out the window, at the view.  Before our trip, I thought it was a nice view.  Just nice.  Today I thought it was a flat view, just a view of suburbia, nothing really interesting, nothing distinguishing, to look at.  There were no mosques with beautiful slender minarets and cascading domes, no towers, no green fields or seascapes.  

I’ve been spoilt.  The Pazzo’s brother knew where the best views were in Istanbul.  He made sure we saw them all and even made sure we had the best seats to enjoy the view.  We even found another couple of views with him along the way.

The day that we went to the Cistern and Hagia Sophia without Yanni and the Pazzo, we were looking for somewhere for lunch.  The locals were looking for mouths to feed, calling to passers by, selling their establishments.  One of the maitre d’s just happening to say rooftop bar, and we were sold.  The 5 of us squashed into a 2 person lift and up we went.  The view was spectacular, in every direction.  It had it all, beautiful architecture, historical landmarks, and a glittering sea in the background! 


Don’t you think so?  It is very pretty.  We saw so many pretty places along the way.  Have a look at these photos. 

grotto gigante – Trieste


chateau versailles – Paris


charles bridge – Prague


brighton beach – UK


skyline from the london eye


stonehenge – UK


gallipoli peninsula coastline, complete with bunker for the turkish troups – Turkey


gallipoli peninsula – Turkey


tulips forming a turkish carpet pattern – Turkey


the candlelit casilica cistern – Turkey



the black sea – Turkey


the bosphorus – Turkey

I think we saw some beautiful places.  It really was well worth the trip.

xxx Merri 


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