Home Delivery Turkish Style

 We spent the day wandering really, almost trying to kill time.  Tomorrow is our last day, we fly home the following day.  Back to reality.  Back to work.  Back to school.  Back to after school activities.

Today though, we lapped up our second last day of an all too long holiday.  We set off late morning (we took the long route) to the Pazzo’s brother’s place.  To say goodbye.  They left Istanbul this afternoon, for a village on the beach near Bodrum.  They will spend the next month in the sun and return home in early June – just in time for winter.

On the way back to our hotel we stopped for a quick kebab.  We haven’t eaten enough of them yet.  We’ve been here for more than 2 weeks and we still want to eat donër kebabs, lunch and/or dinner, chicken or beef, we’re not fussy.  Mind you I think a śiś kebab is an even better choice!  We dropped off our stuff in our apartment and eventually headed out to finish our souvenir and gift shopping.  

We walked down Ishiklal street again, our third trip down this street.  We needed more souvenirs (we really don’t, I’m not sure how we’re going to get them all home in one piece).  However, snow globes needed to be bought.  Turkish delight needed to be purchased.  Another pair of jeans was required.  Ice cream needed to be eaten.  Finally we headed for home, everyone tired and ready for a rest.

No-one felt like going out for dinner, so we got home delivery.  Well the truth is the Pazzo took the manager of our apartment to a little takeaway shop next door (it was his recommendation).  The manager ordered for us.  We paid.  The Pazzo went to the supermarket for drinks and yoghurt for breakfast.  Just after he got back, dinner was delivered.  I have to say it was really nice too.  Home delivery – Turkish style!

xxx Merri


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