The Black Sea

The Pazzo’s brother once told us that one of his dreams was to go through the 3 channels of the world, the Suez Canal, the Panama Canal and the Bosphous.  He said he has been lucky, he has completed this particular dream.  My dream is to see the nearly land locked seas, the Black Sea and the Dead Sea.  Don’t ask why, it’s something to do with a history teacher back in the early days of high school.  Learning about the ancient Egyptians and the Roman Empire.  Tonight, I can say, I’m half way there!

Today we did a boat cruise to the Black Sea.  We got on the boat, sailed along the Bosphorus to the place where the Bosphorus meets the Black Sea.  The boat pulled into a small village and we got off.  It was more like a hike, but we walked up a hill (there were plenty of stairs involved) for half an hour or so to a castle where we had a great view of the sea.  It was a bit hazy, but in the distance you could just make out Russia.  Well, it was probably more likely to be Ukraine, could have been Romania, but it was land, and it wasn’t part of Turkey!  It was a great trip with stunning scenery all the way there and back.  Here are some photos.


There are only 2 bridges over the Bosphorus


Istanbul, where Europe meets Asia


The view from the castle of the Black Sea


This is where the Bosphorus ends and the Black Sea starts


The view of the Bosphorus from where we had lunch


The village where we got off the boat


The bridge on the way back


The skyline of downtown Istanbul



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