Limra Resort


Six months ago, when this trip was “in planning”, the Pazzo and I had worked out how many nights we were going to be able to spend in each place. We knew we would be in Turkey for just over 2 weeks.  We knew we would spend the majority of this time in Istanbul.  We knew we would need 2 nights in Eceabat, so we could see the Gallipoli Peninsula.  We figured a day trip was going to be too much with three kids.  We wanted to go somewhere else as well, you know see more of the country.  For a while we were torn about where to go, what to see.  The Pazzo wanted to go to Bodrum, to a resort.  I wanted to see Cappadocia, a town built into the rock face of the area.  It came down to: a holiday within a holiday or more history and culture.

We consulted my sister-in-law, who is actually Turkish.  Our very own expert.  She thought Cappadocia would be a great cultural experience, but understood the Pazzo’s argument of having a break from our holiday.  She suggested Antalya and even gave us information about a couple a couple of resorts there.  She thought the weather stood a better chance of being good as it was further south.  Bodrum might still be a bit cool. 

We compromised – Antalya.  The Pazzo thought this was a winner.  He even guaranteed weather with temperatures above 22C (yes, he’s a brave man).  So I agreed to compromise.  He said that next time, when we are travelling alone again, we would see Cappadocia, so Antalya it was! 

Our main hub of the resort

Was it a good choice?  It’s a resort with water slides, more swimming pools than you could count, all meals and drinks included, kid’s club, activities for adults, beach on one side, mountains with snow on the other side and plenty of sun.  Everyone is having a great time.  The Pazzo is in heaven, beer and food on tap.  The kids have water slides.  Who needs kid’s club when there’s water slides.   I have a sunlounge in the sun, with warmth.   It was a great choice.  See?

Mountains with snow


Beach view

Our room, complete with beach towel art!

Three days of pampering and waterslides.  We’ve been here for 2 nights.  Tomorrow it’s off to Istanbul for a week and then home! 
xxx Merri 


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