Wish you were here!


It was my sister-in-law’s birthday on Friday.  The Pazzo, kids and I went with her, her two little ones and the Pazzo’s brother for a late lunch To start the celebrations.  First we walked along the Bosphorus to see the marina and all the boats moored in it and to see the beauty in the area.  We dined in the restaurant in the picture.  The food was beautiful, the scenery amazing, and the company divine.  It was a long relaxed meal with all 5 kids behaving nicely, but as it goes with kids, the ending point of the meal was dictated by them.  After the meal we headed into central Istanbul for a walk, and ended up (yes that’s right) eating again!

The next morning we went out for a walk.  We walked down Istiklal Caddesi.  A famous street and tourist attraction.  At the bottom we saw the Galata tower.  We didn’t go up as none of us really want to wait in the queue.  We wandered back along Istaklal Caddesi and met the Pazzo’s brother, my sister-in-law, her brother and their kids.  The next stop of course was somewhere to eat and have a drink.  After a quick beer/soft drink (depending on age and preference), we finished wandering back along the street to Taksim square.  We parted company.  

Given that my sister-in-law’s brother was now in town with his family, we needed to have a family dinner to celebrate the afore mentioned birthday.  Another lovely place to eat, topping of another day of food and wine.  We walked the 20 minutes back to our apartment, just to try to help with the digestion process.

Today we met the Pazzo’s brother and spent the day in the old town.  Here we saw the Topkapi palace.  It was lovely, but the weather was just a bit chilly and the rain just annoying enough that we didn’t wait in any queues (given our past performances with queues that’s our excuse and we’re sticking with it).  We saw enough of it though to get a sense of the history behind it.  

Lunch followed (of course).  Again we took our time in a beautiful, but cramped setting.  The view was unexpected but well appreciated.  By now my sister-in-law’s brother had found us and we all set off to the Blue Mosque.  It was all made by hand and the ceiling decorations are beautiful.  It truely was an spectacular sight.  The last stop for the day was, you guessed it, somewhere for a quiet drink and a quick snack.  

Finally we are back in our apartment, packed and ready to head to Antalya tomorrow for a nice quiet break in a resort.

xxx Merri


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