The Holy Grail of cricket

As you may know, we are a family of cricketers.  The boys both play.  Ivy plays twice a week, once with Yanni, once with Jamie.  The Pazzo plays occasionally as well.  During summer we watch cricket too.  You can’t move Yanni from the TV if there’s cricket on, but eventually Ivy and I wander off to do something else.  I do love watching the kids, and even the Pazzo, play.  

So given that we are in London, we did it.  We visited the Holy Grail of cricket, the place where it all began.  The place, that up until fairly recently, administered not just English cricket, but world cricket.  That’s right we toured the Lord’s Cricket Ground. 

It was interesting too.  There is a lot of history behind the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC, ring any bells?).  At this point I have to say, our guide was a very entertaining, older English gentleman.  Gentleman in the true sense of the word.  He loved kids, and wanted to impart his enthusiasm for cricket onto them (like they need any more).  Ivy made sure that after he asked where people where from, he knew, very quickly, we were Australian.  That just started the banter.  He had good wit and worked out that we were not going to be easily offended, so used this for the entertainment of the group.  Given that the rivalry between the two nations is well documented, we didn’t need to defend ourselves really.  His admission that Australia seemed to play consistently better than England was all that was needed.  What can I say?

Needless to say, we all really enjoyed the tour.  We got to go into the real long room (mind you I do think the one at the Melbourne Cricket Ground is not only longer, but generally more impressive) and the media centre, you know, that space ship looking building over looking the ground.  It was money well spent, with no queues either (an added bonus)!

xxx Merri


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