St Jame’s Park all set for the sun

We wish you all a Happy Easter.  I hope you are all celebrating in your traditional way, with the people who mean the most to you!

We have made it to London.  After a full day of travelling, we arrived on Good Friday.  We had packed up in Prgaue and in doing so we found that one of our small day packs was missing.  PANIC.  Where was it?  Where had we put it?  After some frantic searching, we knew it wasn’t in our room, and to go with that, the camera was in the bag.  DOUBLE PANIC.  We went back through what we had done, where we had been yesterday.  Finally, we figured it was in cafe where we had sheltered from another snow shower yesterday.  The Pazzo left me to finish the packing and RAN to the cafe just in case they had found it and kept it for us.  It was a half hour of anxious waiting and throwing stuff into bags.  Finally I had everything packed.  It wasn’t pretty.  We checked out of the hotel, and we waited for the Pazzo’s return outside the hotel.  Finally, he made it back.  We were watching in anticipation to see if he had the back pack with him.  He did, and the camera was still in it.  We, the kids and I, all breathed a big sigh of relief.

A quick walk around the old town, and then we met our taxi.  We flew to London Stanstead, and made the long trek to our apartment.  Finally we got there, everyone was exhausted, so it was off to bed.  Not before we managed a quick dinner of fish and chips!

Easter Saturday saw us wondering past all the touristy places in the centre of London, along with every other person in London.  We took the tube to Picadilly circus, and then wondered along to Buckingham Palace, then past St James Park, to Trafalgar Square.  Tube again to see Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament.  After this it was decided that we should do a quick lap of Hamley’s (the oldest toy shop in the world, so they say) for the kids.  The crowds were amazing, so we headed straight to the top floor, hopefully no-one else would have made it that far.  It was still crowded but we got to move around more easily as we made our way down.  The kids were great.  They were content to look, especially as the exchange rate rate is not in our favour and everything very expensive.  Jamie did buy a little toy, which he was really excited about, so that makes it a great souvenir for him.

We returned to our apartment with stuff to make dinner.  By now the kids had worked out what day it was.  The Pazzo and I had to reassure them that the Easter Bunny would find them.  He did find them, with just a little egg each, but they were happy.  Today was a lazy start.  A hot chocolate at a local cafe with WiFi, finally WiFi!  The around lunch time we went to Little Venice.  We ended up walking around the area where the Pazzo lived when he spent 6 months in London working, we found his local pub and had a quick pint – well he did anyway.  The kids had a sprite!  Then we were off to Covent garden, along with the rest of London.  A quick wander through the market and home again.  A nice easy day, not too much walking.  

xxx Merri 


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