They say Melbourne has 4 seasons in one day.  I’ve decided Prague can be a bit the same but without the temperature fluctuations.  Today was cold, the morning cloudy with a wind like ice.  The sun came out for a while in the afternoon, the wind died and then at about 4pm, the clouds rolled in and it started to snow.  Now, we live in an area where this NEVER happens.  There is snow in Australia, but it’s a 3 hour drive from us.  I’ve seen a snow shower twice before that was not on a snow field, a real novelty.  The kids have never, ever seen one.  So you can imagine 3 crazy excited children seeing a snow shower for the first time.  I was nearly as bad.  After making sure it wasn’t hail (we are all familiar with that) 4 mad Australians rushed to put on as many clothes as they could and get outside before it stopped.  It was quick, too quick, but the kids got out in it for a couple of minutes.  Long enough to get a few snow flakes in their hair.



We are underprepared for the cold, I’ll admit it.  The Pazzo kept telling me it wasn’t going to be very cold.  It’s  not like its winter he kept saying, groaning with frustration when I mentioned packing anything necessary for cold weather.  I’d been watching the weather and I knew what the temperatures were doing.  I expected cold, especially here and in Paris, still I bowed to peer pressure!

Anyway, here we are in Prague.  We are loving it.  Today was amazing, not just because it snowed, but it really is a beautiful city.

xxx Merri


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