Away we go (again)

We spent the day walking the streets again.  We had a list of things that needed to be seen on our last day in Paris.  It was a short list.  Only three things on it, but they were quite touristy and queues could be an issue.  We headed to the Louvre, where the queue was huge.  We decided to return later.  

The Eiffel Tower was next, but we thought that because it was about midday we should come back to that as well and head over to the boat tour.  You know, you can’t interrupt the lunch of a tour operator, they all are sure they get their meal.  The kids all love boats, and since Jamie had seen them on the river a couple of days ago, hewas adamant that we needed to see Paris by boat.  I’m not a fan at all, and neither is the Pazzo, but it was what they wanted to do, and it was only an hour, so we found a tour boat, purchased tickets and got on board.  I have to admit it really was nice, and it gave a different view of Paris that I haven’t seen before.

The queue at the Eiffel Tower was also huge, so we decided that because we’d done it before, we could skip it.  The kids weren’t altogether happy, but they didn’t want to queue for a couple of hours, especially when there were crepes on offer for lunch!  We went back to the Louvre and although the queue was still long, it was better than before so we decided to give it a go.  You may have noticed we don’t do queues very well, this was no different.  I held our place in the line and the Pazzo checked out the other options for a quicker entrance.  It’s amazing what you can find out if you ask.  We went to the tabac shop nearby, bought tickets and walked into the museum, without waiting!  The bathroom queue then held us up though (there was not escaping this one) for, I kid you not, another 45 minutes.  Oh girls and their bathroom queues, so frustrating.

Finally we were set, so off to see the Mona Lisa!  The crowd around this masterpiece had to be seen to be belived.  As Jamie is only 7, we had to get to the front so he could actually see the painting.  I took Jamie and Ivy and steered them through the crowd, stepping forward every time someone left.  Soon, we were engulfed in a sea of mad people all vying for the best view, all vying for an opportunity to take a photo.  As we got to the front a couple pushed Jamie out of the way to take their selfies.  Then they wanted to take photos of each other with the painting, so they tried to push through Jamie, I couldn’t help it.  I had a go!  I am impressed with museum staff though.  The attendant saw what was happening and told them to be careful of the children and pulled both Ivy and Jamie into the  front position.  This couple took no notice and continued to take their photos over the top of the kids.  It was now I realised that the Pazzo wasn’t with me, but Yanni was.  How he managed to stay so close, I don’t know.  I manoeuvred him next to his brother and sister.  We got our photos, just.  There was a bit of a crush going on, so I took Jamie’s hand, told him to grab Ivy and Ivy to hold Yanni and I barged and slithered and weaved our way back to the Pazzo.  Then we all took a deep breath.  We saw a couple of other things, very quickly, as we were all getting tired, did a quick lap of the museum shop and then we just wandered home.

It was a rough last night.  Another bout of Gatsro.  Another set of sheets to wash and dry, another green kid to contend with.  Now it’s just me.  I am the only one who hasn’t succumbed, either that or I am next!  

The Neighbourhood


Street sign from our street


A view of our street

 So after our night time adventures, the Pazzo woke me at 7:30am.  I sent the boys out to get breakfast.  I gave the Pazzo instructions for my pastry, but when he got back he told me Jamie had chosen it and if it wasn’t right too bad.  This is what I got.  I was very happy.  It was delicious.


Then it was time to move, time to pack up, time to clean our apartment, time to dry the sheets (thank goodness for the washing machine in the apartment), time to head to the airport.  Prague is our next stop.


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