Catastrophe No. 2

What do you mean number 2?  You’ve only been gone for 3 days. What was the first one?  I can hear all these questions flying our way.  

The first catastrophe was really just a mistake, a misjudgement on our behalf.   The Pazzo and his brothers make wine.  I mean, any self respecting Italian would.  So last year, the wine turned out well.  The boys are proud of it, so proud that my brother-in-law had their own labels made for it.  So proud that the decision was made to export it to the connoisseurs in the family, who live in Italy.  We were given the task of transporting 4 bottles of wine, 2 red and 2 white to Italy.  Our mistake was that we took it in our hand luggage.  Not sure why, when last time we travelled a 120ml bottle of panadol caused so many problems, that it didn’t occur to either of us that 3 litres of wine might be just a touch over the allowed amount of fluid!!  Sorry Steve, but I think the guys from customs may have had a great night, even though they denied that they would. 

The second catastrophe involved a tired, jet lagged child with gastro.  Not a great combination.  The one thing I hate more than anything else, the one thing that still makes me dry retch, is vomit.  Yes, I know I am a nurse, but I’ve never been able to get used to it.  So picture this, I have a green child (rarely have I seen a child as green as this come into work either), in the shower, unable to move, me dry retching as I rise sheets, and the Pazzo dry retching as he cleans the tiles (oh, thank god for Italians and their aversion to carpet).  Not ideal, but we got it done, got the child into our bed and we all got to sleep.  All was well until about 5am when the jet lag kicked in and Jamie was awake again wanting a drink.  Against my better judgement, he had some water.  Needless to say we were now 2 beds down and would be spending the morning washing sheets and trekking to the laundromat to dry them.  It meant we missed out on seeing our cousins for the morning, but we caught up with them this afternoon.

The up side is this afternoon Jamie was much better and had even started playing with his siblings and cousin.  He is now asleep.  Fingers crossed he will remain that way and wake up tomorrow back to his normal happy self.  

xxx Merri


One response to “Catastrophe No. 2

  • Karen

    I so feel for you..I was a nurse many years ago and although i could cope with vomit (just about ) whilst on duty, when anyone at home was sick I too used to be retching, left, right and centre I also struggle with the sight of blood so I quickly realised that I was in the wrong profession and had a change of direction .Hey… It really is a pity about the wine but I heard on the grapevine that the party was brilliant. 😉 x


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