Up, up, up, and Away

We’ve been planning a trip.  We’ve been planning for a while now.  But today is the big day, finally we are off.  Leaving Melbourne. The Pazzo, the kids and I are off to Europe. Italy first, to catch up with the Pazzo’s relatives, then Paris.  Prague is next, because someone told the Pazzo that the beer is cheap.  I mean how about that for a reason to choose a destination. I don’t even drink beer.  It is beautiful though.  

We head to London after we’ve had our fill of cheap beer, and finally Turkey.  Turkey because on the 25th April, not only is it ANZAC day, but it is 100 years since the landing of Australian and New Zealand’s troups at Gallipoli.   My great grandfather was one of those troups, so it will be something to remember.  And my intrepid little travel companions will learn something.  They will learn about one of those historical moments that helped define the Australian identity.

Now as I sit in the airport waiting to board the plane my only thoughts are 24hours sitting on a plane, I hope I can sleep!  See you when we get there!



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