We have arrived safely at our first destination.  Parma is a small city in northern Italy where the Pazzo’s family come from.  It is where the Pazzo spent 5 years of his childhood.  It is where he developed his love of food!  Parma is the home of both Parma ham (prosciutto to the rest of the world) and Parmesan cheese.  Here are some highlights so far.

We are staying close to the Duomo Di Parma. As we leave our apartment this is the view we get!

The mighty river Po.

The kids went to school with their cousin and were bombarded with questions in English from a classroom eager to practice their English.  This is the school yard – very different from what we have at home.

By coincidence there was a solar eclipse and all the kids (mine included) were able to have a look at it through an old school photographic negative!

The playground!

The Park, full of chestnut trees!  Beautiful even in winter!


E Grilli.  These little bikes name translate to mean the Crickets.  No pedalling, just pushing two feet forward at the same time.  The perfect ingredient to ensure a good nights sleep!

Focaccia, the traditional breakfast of the area.  Well maybe not just breakfast, but that’s when we’re eating it.  The Pazzo and the kids are in heaven

This photo is for my brother-in-law.  Gorgonzola, soft, smooth and creamy, it just melts in your mouth, washed down with a dark, bubbly Lambrusco. The exact description that he has given of it many times.  Again the Pazzo is in heaven.  He ate most of it!  The food of Parma is definitely a highlight!  Below is our dinner!

Must go, there is some serious eating to be done here!

xxx Merri


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