And so it begins

With each of my pregnancies I put on about 20kg. With the first 2 I lost all the weight. With Yanni, I was back in my normal clothes in 3 months, with Ivy it took about 18 months. It’s been 7 years since I had Jamie, I haven’t lost all the weight yet. I’ve even put on an extra couple of kilograms.

There are only two differences in my lifestyle in all this time. One is work, the other age. Shift work, night shift in particular, is known for its health consequences, increased risk of diabetes, cancer, obesity, heart disease. You know all the good things!! Age also is against me, but I exercise regularly. I remain active, rarely sitting down!

I’ve decided that it’s time. Time to remove the rest of this weight. I bought a Fitbit, just the little one. I’ve connected it to my phone. I’ve been plugging in my food intake. It’s been interesting. I’ve worked out that although I am active, I’m not as active as I thought I was. I still need to move more, and although I eat healthily generally, I just eat too much and too much chocolate as well. The rest is pretty good.

Finally, I’ve managed to move a little bit of weight. Slowly, slowly, I’ll keep it up, keep moving, keep watching my diet and I will shift what I want moved. It may take a while, but results so far are encouraging!

xxx Merri


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