Nonna’s Plum Tree


I’ve been busy, making stuff. Nonna has a plum tree. She usually makes jam with the plums, but I don’t think she wanted to do it this year. She told the kids to help themselves to the plums and supplied them with bags. We had a bag full of lovely fresh plums that no one was eating, so they became chutney.

It’s Thursday so I needed a dessert for our regular family dinner at Nonna’s house. What better to take than a plum cake, made with her homegrown plums. Find the recipe here. It’s good. Yanni loved it, but that was no surprise. Plums are his favourite. My nephew told me in a very surprised voice that it was really good. I had to laugh, just at his astonishment.

I’d also found cherries in the fridge. They weren’t being eaten either, so I sorted through them and found enough to make a very small batch of jam, almost too small. I had raspberries in the freezer, so I made Cherry, Raspberry and Vanilla jam.

It was a great way to spend the afternoon, the first day with the kids back at school, doing something I like. Filling in the time, not giving me the time to think about how much I miss them. I mean, we just spent six weeks together, all day, everyday.

xxx Merri


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