Thursday again, Nonna’s for dinner again. I decided to make Choc chip malt biscuits and homemade marshmallows for dessert. I made the marshmallows pink, cos what other colour can a marshmallow be, and my 3 year old niece would be there. Pink to a 3 year old girl is everything! To this 3 year old, dark pink is the preferred shade. But I couldn’t do dark pink, there wasn’t enough food colouring.


I envisioned all kinds of disasters. I mean, the last time I made marshmallows I managed to let the pan boil over and got marshmallow stuck in the gas hob. I couldn’t get it out and we needed to buy a whole new stove top.

This is a slightly different recipe, I didn’t have to beat the sugar syrup into the egg whites on the stove top. No boiling over this time. I was worried it wouldn’t set, that it wouldn’t taste right, that it would suddenly deflate. It didn’t happen. They worked a treat. My kids loved them, my sister-in-law loved them, even the Pazzo liked them. The only one who wasn’t too keen on pink marshmallow was my niece. Light pink is just not pink enough!


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