Tonight on the menu is one of Jamie Oliver’s Comfort Food recipes. Anything that comes out of this book has been a winner. Not so much with Ivy, but the boys are really enjoying this collection of recipes. How we have a copy of it in our house is a story of its own.


We are having Shwarma. Chicken, marinated overnight in yoghurt, garlic and a host of other spices. The Pazzo loads it onto the spit roasting rod, (we actually own a spit, it’s only small, but big enough for us to spit roast enough for us and a few guests!) with some capsicum and onion. Then it rotates over hot coals for an hour or so, until nicely charred on the outside. We slice the cooked layer off, like a proper kebab, and serve that while the rest goes back on the spit.

We serve it with Tabouli, mango sauce and Turkish bread. A thinnish bread roll that’s nice and soft, with just enough resistance in the crust to make sure you know it’s a roll, not a wrap, not a slice of bread. The sort of bread that my sister-in-law (who is Turkish) likes, but laughs at and denies its origin being Turkey.

This meal is a hit with the five of us. Tonight we are making it for my sister, and her family, and the Pazzo’s brother, and his family. It should be a hit with them too. It will be a fun night. We will have people who get along well, a house full of kids, an easy, delicious meal to serve. It will be a great night!

xxx Merri


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