Banana Cake


Thursday again. Nonna’s for dinner. Need to make a cake, or do I? I have bananas. They are ripe, too ripe, nearly ready to be called rotten. Banana cake it is! The kids like it, I like it, most importantly the Pazzo likes it. It is one of the few sweet things I bake that he likes. He’s my barometer, if he likes it his family will too.

This recipe is one of Nigella Lawson’s recipes. (Here is the link:

I really like this recipe. It has sultanas, it has walnuts. The sultanas are heated in brandy (we still don’t have any brandy so, whiskey it is) and left to sit for an hour. They go soft and juicy. Yanni hates sultanas but, he will eat as much of this cake as I will let him. He has a sweet tooth, so he always needs to be told when to stop!

Nonna had made dessert this week too! She made a budino. It’s like a layered, baked, chocolate custard. I’m sure it has amaretti biscuits in one of its layers. It’s nice too. But there was an overload of dessert, of food in general, as always at Nonna’s place.

It was another lovely evening with the Pazzo’s whole family. We really enjoyed it. I’m lucky, the Pazzo’s family are lovely, fun loving people!

xxx Merri


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