It’s Been an Interesting Year

2014 has been an interesting year. It’s had good and bad. More bad than I would like. Plenty, loads, of good though. I’ve continued on my journey, my journey to make a great life for my kids. My journey to make myself a better person. A journey to weed out the negative I feel and replace it with the knowledge that I am so, so lucky, that I shouldn’t feel the negative.

2014 arrived, with a party at a friend’s house. At midnight we wandered down a street to a vantage point to watch the fireworks. Melbourne, like most major cities has a fireworks show at midnight. It was a nice warm evening.

It turned into a year of 2 halves. The first half found me battling labrynthitis, an inflammation of the inner ear. It’s not serious, but it’s not much fun. It makes you feel dizzy and nauseated, and your balance is off. It feels like you are going to fall. I’ve had it before and it’s a long recovery. Still every now and again I have a bit of vertigo.

I researched it, everywhere said drink plenty of fluid, so I did. I tried anti-inflammatories, ant-histamines, and anti-emetics. They all helped but only a bit. I found pressure points. They helped, but only a bit. Bits added up to enough. Just when I thought it had gone, it flared up. Back to the start, another 2 weeks on the couch. I started again. A faster recovery this time. By April, only sport that was a day by day proposition. I found hockey either made it better or worse.

Suddenly the year was half way through. I am feeling good, great even. I’ve forgotten all about the vertigo. I’m not missing games of hockey or netball either. My health is back to normal. Someone said something about me having had a bad year health wise in July and I remember thinking, “What are they talking about?” Then I thought, “That’s right, I have, but I’ve done well, learned to manage it, defeated it even” It’s a minor thing, really minor, in the big scheme.

The year continued with my duties as a taxi driver taking up time. We had sporting commitments every day bar one through winter. I guarded Tuesday nights fiercely. A single day at home with no sport. I had time to cook a decent meal. I made sure we didn’t have anywhere else to be.

I was the “sports trainers” for Yanni’s Aussie rules football team. I was responsible for applying band aids and ice to the kids who had injured themselves. Thank goodness there were no serious injuries. I’ve done this each year for the past 2 footy seasons. It’s all really official, Aussie rules football, even for juniors. To be the trainer you have to be qualified. You have to have a first aid certificate. I got away with it because I am a paediatric emergency nurse. This year a friend, who is also a nurse and the trainer for her son’s team, and I decided to do the official course. So now I am a fully qualified sports trainer as well as a nurse. Let’s hope for no serious injuries in 2015!

I was team manager for Ivy’s hockey team. That is after bullying the club into letting her play in the full field team. She’d played 2 seasons of half field, 7 per side, hockey and really was ready to play the real thing. Team manager actually felt like just being a kicking post for the junior hockey club. That is a whole other story, for another day. Let’s just say, I won’t be volunteering for that again! Ivy had a good season. She played well. Was one of the better player for her team. She learnt a lot and her team did well, finished on top of the ladder. Unfortunately she broke her arm towards then end of the season and had to miss out on the last 4 games, but we went and watched them all anyway.

Ivy also continued learning the violin. She loves it, is good at it too. She played at her concert, a really small informal one, at her teacher’s house, with an accompaniment for the first time. She did really well. Really well. She practices enough, sometimes even without having to be reminded.

My hockey did well. I played a bit of A grade, a bit of B grade and managed to land myself in the A grade team towards the end of the season, just as finals approached. I got games with them for their finals campaign. I played well in the first final. Marked their Centre Half out of the game. We lost though. Didn’t play so well in the next final. I’d worked an early shift and was just too tired, couldn’t run. The following week I worked til 2am on the Tuesday night before the game, and played a blinder in the Grand Final, the following night. We played the same team we’d played in the first final. My job was, again, marking the Centre Half out of the game, which I did, until she was so frustrated she left the field. We won that game. We won the Grand Final. I contributed to the win.

Winter sport ended, summer sport began. There is only one summer sport in our house. Cricket, they all play. The Pazzo even filled in for a couple of games at the start of the year and made it into the team proper. They want him to play this season as well.

The Pazzo took on a job, helping to build a marquee for Spring Racing Carnival in October. It took a month to build. It took a month out of his schedule and put all his other jobs back. So to make up for it he worked 7 days a week for the last 6-8 weeks of the year. That made home life a bit chaotic. I was the permanent taxi, doing all the sports runs. Dragging 3 kids to places not all of them wanted to go, but one of them had to go. I was behind on housework, Christmas organisation, all that stuff. The Pazzo works for himself, so while he has work he has to do it. I had to just get on with it. Do as much as I could, don’t worry about the rest.

Cricket sees Yanni and Ivy playing in a team together on Saturday mornings, and Ivy and Jamie playing together on Fridays nights while Yanni trains. Everybody trains on Wednesday evening. It works well. They enjoy it. I like watching. Ivy has made it into the under 12 representative team for our association, so next week I get to watch her play cricket against girls her own age. It will be good.

As you can see it’s been a busy year. Mostly good. The main negative was I didn’t get much studying done. My New Year’s resolutions are to finish my course, grow my blog, and continue along enjoying life, counting my blessings, of which I have many!

xxx Merri


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