It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

There are 4 days to go til Christmas. I’m nearly there, nearly organised. My house is half clean. The tree is up, decorated. The presents are wrapped, under the tree, waiting to be taken places, given to people. Downstairs is decorated, as much as we decorate anyway. Pudding is done. Cake is done.

All that remains is the prawns, (but they are the Pazzo’s thing), a couple of quick presents to buy (we are having relatives from Italy here this year, for the first time ever, it’s a bit exciting), clean the rest of the house and glaze the ham. See, not too much left to do.

Bring on night duty, 2 nights worth. Suddenly it looks like a lot more, especially when sleeping as well as washing and ironing need to be factored in. I think it’s all OK. I will get it done. I forgot to mention Christmas Day brunch with our amazing neighbours. Must cook something for that as well.

Gotta go, as you can see I have work to do!!

xxx Merri



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