A while ago, I was thinking about the effects of stress on my body. Mostly the stress that lack of sleep weighs me down with, shift work related lack of sleep. I thought that some form of exercise to help me relax, that could also be a strengthening, weight baring exercise would be good. I decided yoga could be a good option, so I called my friend Joy. Joy is a nurse who just happens to be a yoga teacher as well. Then I did what I always do……..nothing, and just let it slide.

A couple of weeks later, I was chatting with my Mum. We were on one of our weekly coffee and shopping expeditions. I mentioned that I thought yoga would be good for relaxation for me and that I might start doing it. Meaning, in the distant future. Mum said, “I want to do that too. I want to learn how to meditate, without falling asleep, and yoga is a stepping stone.”

I knew Joy’s class coincided with our weekly shopping expedition, so I called Joy, got the name of her studio and rang them and booked Mum and I in for a lesson, just to see if we liked it. Joy teaches an over 50s class, amongst others. I don’t fit that demographic yet, but Mum does. I am a beginner, so it does work for me as well.

So, it turns out I do like it. My class full of people older than me. One is double my age. Oh, to be doing yoga at 80 odd!! It’s a great effort. A testament to yoga and Leslie. Mum enjoyed it too, so we booked in for the rest of the term.

We are now 9 weeks into the term. I am enjoying it. I was expecting the classes to be relaxing yet challenging to my strength and flexibility. But, the emotional effects yoga has are great, even more noticeable. Firstly I am calmer. Most people would tell you I am a calm person anyway. I might look calm, but on the inside it’s just not true, looks can be deceiving!! Secondly, my posture is better. The stretching and engaging my core has really helped. And the most important difference, I feel better within and about myself. It’s quite staggering that 9 weeks of yoga can have all of these effects already.

So after all that I’ve decided not to continue formal yoga lessons next year. It’s a time thing. It’s 2 hours I could spend doing something else, something that gets me closer to a clean house, closer to getting the ironing done, or even another post here!! Might need to get a DVD or book.

xxx Merri


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