Match Report

The final game for the year. I arrived at the ground, prepared myself, shin guards on, small warm up jog, hit up as well. Ready and raring to go. Kind of. The game started, I felt flat footed and tired. Surely night duty on Friday night wasn’t still affecting me? I mean it’s been 5 days! Oh well, just run.

Left wing again, so it’s up and down the field. Making good position. Playing high, allowing the inner to run and feed the ball forward, except she wasn’t in the mood for the feed. Up and down I run. Jog towards defence and sprint back into attack. We were playing the team we beat in the winter competition grand final. There was plenty of feeling in the game, and plenty of gamesmanship and of course trash talk. I mean they are our arch rivals. A couple of goals to us in the first half. They weren’t happy!

The second half was more of the same. Running up and back. Making sure I keep moving, try to shake my tagger, to tire them out. It must have worked cos I was able to find a bit more space, find some better position, my teammates were able to find me more easily. That is except for the big scoop over the defenders. I saw the ball drop and saw the opposition player whose feet it was dropping at, so started running to tackle, but the ball bounced past her. I was too far past the ball by then and over the sideline it went. The opposition players actually laughed. Lucky I have thick skin! At least my team acknowledge my running, my constant running.

They scored a goal, we scored 2 more. Final score 4-1. We must be on top of the ladder. I am hot and sweaty, for about 10 minutes after the end of the game, then I’m cold, needing to put on my jumper. We all stick around for half an hour for a drink together. Beer and chips!

One game to go, in February. A well earned break from hockey, but fitness must be maintained, increased. I’ll give it a go. Looking forward to running in my own time for a while.

xxx Merri


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