Match Report

Hockey again last night I really didn’t want to leave my house.  I had been at work all day, so had been awake since 6am, after 6.5 hours sleep (I know, I really must get to bed earlier), I was tired (when am I not?) and it was cold.  The breeze was fresh, it was trying to rain, even though the day had been nice.  So I peeled myself off the couch and left the house, albeit later than I would have liked.  I got there with just enough time to put the shinnies on and warm up (kind of, I don’t like a big warm up anyway).

The game started, I was in my usual position, left wing. So up and down the field I run.  I did get the ball and did some fancy dribbling.  Then I got it again and did some fancy dribbling again, this time into the goal circle as per the usual M.O. of a winger. I got it past the first player and made the second look like slightly unskilled – bad move, she was going to try to push me around for the rest of the game. The problem was she was stronger than me. But the play did get draw the obstruction inside the circle and so we got a short corner. A chance for a goal. It was a bit of a debacle, with no goal scored.

I have a theory about sport, any sport, especially as I am also fairly fit, just not as good as some other players. The theory is if you can’t beat the opposition, your direct opponent, at least run them til they’re tired, no longer running, and then beat them!!  So I ran and made sure I worked the half back, with speed and changes in direction. My opposition was starting to make mistakes when she heard me coming.  I made sure she heard!!

Eventually our right wing, using her back stick, hit a high ball into the net and we were one up. We scored another, they scored one, we scored another and one more just to make sure!  I ran – we all did, up and down the field.  Chasing, dribbling, trying to make space, trying to beat our opposite player.  The game ended with me high in attack, close to the baseline, but wide to the left, in my position. The ball was in our possession.  I saw the gap, so did my team mate with the ball.  She was looking at me, making sure I had seen the gap. I knew I had to move to get there, so I did.  A quick sprint across the field past the right post.  If I make it, it’s just me and the goalie.  I lunge and stretch to get my stick to the ball.  The ball is bouncing its way towards the baseline.  A bouncing ball is not ideal. I’m not great when the ball leaves the ground. But I do get my stick on the ball. It deflects in the right direction, but not far enough, and just goes out over the base line.  My team mates were just happy that I saw the opportunity and used my speed to give it a go.  That I even touched the ball was enough!

Another win, another enjoyable game.  I got my cardio workout done.  On to next weeks game now!

xxx Merri


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