A Nation in Mourning,

The whole of Australia has been rocked by the injury and subsequent death of cricketer Phillip Hughes. Hughesy was hit in the head with a cricket ball and stood hunched over, looking like he was recovering, then he fell face first onto the pitch. He never regained consciousness. Our whole country is mourning the loss of this man.

It was a freak accident. The head strike caused a dissection in an artery in the brain causing almost instant catastrophic damage. I feel incredibly sad that this has happened. I know his family will be in a state of disbelief and their pain incredible. The bowler Sean Abbot also must feel shattered. Both men were doing their jobs. Sean Abbot has a promising career representing his country. Phil Hughes had played for Australia and was on standby to play in the international test commencing next week.

This tragedy has upset me, along with many other people who are in no way connected to him, who are complete strangers to him. I can’t quite put my finger on why it has upset me so much, other than it being a complete accident with 2 people (as well as their families) paying the price for the tragedy. Maybe it is just that it is not fair, to loose your life doing something you love, with so much more to do, with much more to prove.

My kids all play cricket and I maintain it is a fairly safe game. I enjoy it. I love watching the kids and seeing them excel at the aspects of the game they enjoy. I don’t think, in view of Hughesy’s death, they should stop playing. I don’t think that is right. I mean, this kind of injury has never happened before to a cricketer. I have worked in ICU as a nurse for over 10 years, and have looked after many injured people. The only injury I have seen with catastrophic head trauma like this (I have seen loads of head trauma too) was a woman who had been hit by a tram. Advertising about safety around trams in Melbourne state that a tram is equivalent to 10 rhinoceros on a skate board, just to put it into perspective, to show how freakish this accident was and unlucky Hughesy was.

Rest in Peace Hughesy, and know that this whole country will hold you in it’s memory and you are in our thoughts and prayers. It is my sincere hope that Sean Abbot is able to truly realise that this was an accident and in no way his fault. I wish him a long and prosperous career as a fast bowler in the Australian cricket team.


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