Ivy had to make a healthy 3 course meal for homework. She had to choose and design the menu. It was all about healthy food and the healthy diet pyramid. She had to help prepare the meal.

We had garlic and ginger prawns on toast. Only the Pazzo, Jamie and I eat them. Ivy doesn’t even like them, won’t touch them. I’m not sure why she thought to make them. Lucky for her she was allowed to have help cos she wouldn’t even touch the prawns!

Then we had spaghetti bolognese, the Australian version. Minced beef in a rich red wine and tomato sauce, lots of herbs. It’s good, all my kids love it and so does the Pazzo. I just can’t call it Italian!! Don’t tell the teacher, nobody felt like dessert that night, so 2 nights later we made dessert.

Mango coconut smoothies or raspberry coconut smoothies. Yanni and Jamie had the mango version. Ivy and I the raspberry. They were good and really quite healthy. Frozen fruit, coconut milk (for a tropical feel), yoghurt and honey, all blended together. All in all good job, Ivy!! Delicious and fairly healthy.


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