4 Seasons in One Day

I live in Melbourne, southern Australia.  It’s a city renowned for the cafe lifestyle, the quality of the coffee. One of the most liveable cities in the world, apparently.

Melbournians like to discuss the weather.  This discussion goes past a casual, “Nice day, today.”  We need to discuss it in more depth.  “Nice day, isn’t it?”  “Beautiful, but I hope you’ve got a jacket, there’s a change coming.”  “I know, they say it’s arriving mid arvo.”  This conversation could go on for another couple of minutes, you know, by the time an opinion has been added, a whinge as well.  It’s a conversation that you have with most people in your day.

It really is a beautiful city. It’s got a great vibe, safe (mostly) but a little bit edgy. The weather is anything but predictable. Generally there are 4 distinct seasons. In 3 of these seasons it would be justified to carry a jacket and an umbrella. In the fourth, it would be advisable to have access to something warmer most of the time, you know just in case. It doesn’t happen every day, but when the weather changes, it’s extreme!

Despite the forecasts, a beautiful day can turn nasty in an instant. Even though I have lived here for the past 19 years, the swiftness of the change can still stagger me. I mean a beautiful, clear, still, hot day can change into a cold rainy windy day in minutes. The temperature can drop 15 degrees in an instant and suddenly, there’s wind and clouds and then it will hail. It makes for an interesting life, what can I say!

xxx Merri


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