Thursday night

We are out most nights after school.  On Thursdays we go to Nonna’s house. She is the Pazzo’s mum.  We all have dinner at her place.  I usually bring a cake or cupcakes or biscuits.  Homemade, of course.

Last week I took double choc chip biscuits. They are amazing, if I may say.  Fudgey and soft, but intensively chocolates.  These biscuits are perfect to make into an ice-cream sandwich.  A very popular dessert.


Today’s dessert was chocolate blackberry cupcakes.  These use blackberry jam.  The jam makes the cakes light and fluffy but somehow chewy as well.  This is another favourite with my kids, except my baby who maintains he doesn’t like jam.  But, if you can get him to eat one of these, he really does like them.  The recipe calls for cherry jam, but I have lots of blackberry at the moment.  It worked just as well.  All that’s left now is crumbsimagexxx Merri


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