Match Report

I arrived at the field for my hockey match on Wednesday, and the captain/coach laughed at me.  She told me I was going to get sweaty.  It was a hot night.  Summer is nearly here.  I mean I drove to the game with the air con on and I get sweaty even in winter.  For me it is just part of the game.  It means I have run and done some serious exercise.

We played a team called MUD.  Seriously there is no mud, it’s a synthetic surface these days, and yes I do remember playing on grass, with real mud.

They scored a goal very quickly.  Oops.  Our whole club struggles with the first 15mins of the game.  We fought back by peppering the goals, but wow, the goalie could keep!  We just couldn’t slot the ball past her.

I play on the wing, so a forward line striker type.  Lots of sprinting and trying to make space so I can receive the ball.  Scoring some goals.

My first possession was me sprinting down the wing looking backwards, watching the ball, lining it up with my stick.  I heard someone call “man on”, I didn’t have the ball yet, so why man on?  Bang, I ran straight into her.  No damage done, just thrown a little of course, and my free hit!

Despite being a goal down at half time, talk was positive.  I mean how many shots at goal before we get one in!  Minutes into the second half and we finally slot one. Then they get another.  I swap sides, go from left to right wing.  The equaliser comes in magnificent style. A shot from the edge of the circle, about waist height.  Hits the back, right corner of the net.  Nice shot.  Scores are level.

I did my job, played my part.  I called for the ball, sprinted and ran and sprinted.  I carried the ball, I sat on the goal post and waited for the ball.  So did my team mates, but we just couldn’t score the winning goal!  The game finished with a two all draw!  I enjoyed the game though.  I got hot and sweaty – mission accomplished.  Maria laughed at me again!

xxx Merri


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