I am tall, quite tall.  This means that I can get away with being a bit more round, if you get my meaning!  BUT I don’t like it. I have had 3 pregnancies, the last ending 7 years ago. I always managed to be thinner after each pregnancy, than I was at the I start of it (It took 18months after the second one, but I made it!!).  So what happened the last time? Why was it different. I still carry more weight than I would like (not that I am overweight,  I’m not, just at the higher end of healthy for my height).  I still have that pair of pants I want to get back into, even though the are right out of fashion now!  I bought new scales for inspiration.  I put on 2kg between stepping of the old ones and onto the new!

I could tell you that I can’t loose weight, that I’ve tried everything and nothing works, or I could just say I eat too much chocolate.   Shift work is a factor in this too, but still I’m sure the main problem is chocolate!  I started at the gym about a month ago (it’s a temporary measure, just until I find the motivation to make myself run).  I’ve been going twice a week, playing a game of hockey and netball, a bit of walking, but still eating too much chocolate.  Today I noticed that the waist band on my leggings is getting looser!  I have gaps at the side of my belly, where I am sure the muscles are getting toned, but the flabby bit remains on top.  They say that carrying weight around the stomach can increase the chances of getting certain diseases, so I really should try to move the belly, especially as I am starting to gain some core strength and tone again!  So I made Protein Balls.  To try to stop the chocolate.


Click above for The Healthy Chef’s recipe.  I made them thinking who is going to eat them if I don’t like them (always a chance with me)?  So I made half the recipe, just in case, and I didn’t have enough almonds anyway.  But you know what, they are quite good.  I made them smaller, just so I could eat 2 rather than 1!  They look like what my kids would call rum balls, you know the ones made of condensed milk and crushed biscuits, and I must say they are nearly as good.  They fit the bill: healthy, protein inspired, quick and easy (15 minutes), chocolate!  The Healthy Chef also gives a nut free option, also on the link above.  I hope that this will help curb my chocolate desire, but time will tell.  M


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