Let’s get physical

I play hockey, still, even at my age.  I play masters, or as my kids call it, old ladies hockey.  I still enjoy it.  I still have a little bit of skill too.  I play in attack.  It’s a new thing, I was also a half back/defender type, but I’ve moved up the ground.  People think I’m a goal scorer.  I am – sometimes!

It’s a tough game.  A physical game, and to do it properly you need a little bit of fitness.  I, however, will just chase a ball til I can’t move, can’t take another step.  I think the technical term is over training!  Almost to the point of stupidity.  I am competitive, don’t like to be beaten.  I think it’s called white line fever.

People always comment on the danger involved with playing hockey.  Most activities have some potential danger.  I mean, I drive a car.  There’s a risk involved in that too!  The benefits out way the risks.  I mean the benefit it fitness.

Fitness is is important for me.  Shift work leads to lack of sleep.  Lack of sleep leads me to sickness.  Fitness helps negate the lack of sleep.  It also helps increase my energy levels.  It means I can keep going, get stuff done.  It’s also means more than one game of hockey per week, it should be a three or four times a week event.  I try, sometimes I get it all done, sometimes not.  Exercise is not a choice, it makes such a difference to my health and well being.

Most importantly, I really enjoy it.


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