Getting to know me

When I was pregnant with Yanni, I needed something to do, something to occupy my mind, to distract myself from the way I felt.  I was sick, I thought it just morning sickness.  It was morning sickness, but it lasted all day, everyday, from the moment I woke to the moment I went to sleep.  I was admitted to hospital at 11 weeks gestation for some fluids, and between 10 weeks and 15 weeks, managed only 2 shifts at work.  I was sick.  I needed something to do, something to distract me from the feelings of sick.  Something that didn’t involve standing up and moving around.  Television was boring.  I’d seen enough movies to last awhile.  I needed something else to do.

I’d spent my first year after university working in a small town about 4 hours drive away from my home.  I worked many, many nights there and all the other nurses were knitters.  I tried reading to keep my eyes open, but reading wasn’t helping.  I got to the point where I couldn’t see the words on the page.  I needed another activity to do while the resident of the nursing home slept.  Something to do between our rounds of checking everyone.  So, I joined in with the knitting, anyway one of my friends was having a baby, so why not knit a gift for the baby!  So, 6 years later, lying in my bed feeling decidedly unwell I decided to knit my baby something.  My sister found me a Debbie Bliss pattern book for Christmas.  I loved her patterns instantly, so made the trek to the only stockist I could find, bought some wool and made some cute stuff for my baby as well as any other friend who happened to be having a baby around the same time, and there were a few.  Babies got little hats and vests.  What’s more I was good at it.  Everything looked nice once I’d finished it.  So now the tradition continues.  One of my oldest friends just had her second baby, I knitted a vest and booties to match!IMG_0715


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