When I grow up………………..

I like to ask the kids what they want to be when they grow up. I don’t have any expectation. I don’t make suggestions (often, I mean when my daughter told my sister-in-law she wanted to play hockey for Australia and play the violin professionally, all I could say was follow your dream, knowing full well that that these occupations were incompatible for all number of reasons). I really just like to hear what they are up to, where their minds are going, what they are thinking. There’s no pressure, if they don’t know, I don’t press. It’s also a great topic for the car! So one day I’m driving and I ask Yanni what he wants to be. I get a sensible answer – “I want to be a vet, mum”. That’s good Yanni, You’ll be good at that. I ask Iris.  Today she says, “I don’t know”. No problem there. I ask the little one what he wants to be. He says he doesn’t want to be anything. I explain he has to be something so he can make money to buy things like food and clothes. He comes straight back at me- “In that case, Mum, I want to be a hobo”. I had to laugh, I also informed him that he wouldn’t have any clean clothes or be able to have a shower. His response was predictable, “That’s ok Mum. I don’t like shower’s anyway”. I thought I’d really give him something to think about, cos this is a child who like to eat, who can eat, a lot. I suggested that if he was a hobo he might have to eat rubbish from other people’s bins. His response was surprising, “That’s ok, I can do that”. What sort of comment can be made here. I had to laugh, but I also hope he thinks of something more enjoyable!!!


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